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Quran Quick Actions Panel

Muslim Pro has revamped the quick action panel for Quran functions, giving it a fresh appearance and introducing new features to enhance user experience.


During Quran recitation in both list and page view, you will come across these quick action panels. Moreover, there are enhanced quick navigation actions available, including options to learn, memorise, add notes, and share.


List View

If you are reading the Quran in List view mode, there will be four quick actions panels displayed underneath each aya - Play, Read, Bookmark and notes.

Upon tapping the three dots icon, four enhanced quick action panels appear. They are Learn, Memorise, Playlist and Share.

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Page View


If you are reading the Quran in Page view mode, selecting an ayah and holding it briefly displays all available actions - Learn, Memorise, Playlist, Share, Play, Read, Bookmark and Note.
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Functionality For Each Quick Action Panel


Here’s a brief description of each of these action panels that users can utilise to achieve their desired tasks or goals within the app.

  1. Learn: Provide access to concise lessons, videos, articles, and quizzes designed to enrich users' understanding of the teachings and structure of the Quran.
  2. Memorise: Embark on your journey to memorize the Quran and enhance your retention through consistent practice and repetition of its verses.
  3. Playlist: Curates personalized collections of Quranic verses for reading or listening.
  4. Share: Allows the sharing of specific Quranic verses with others through various communication channels, such as WhatsApp.
  5. Play: Initiates the audio playback of Quranic recitations, allowing users to listen to verses being recited.
  6. Read: Helps users keep track of their progress in reading Quranic verses.
  7. Bookmark: Enable you  to save particular verses of the Quran for convenient access later.
  8. Note: Permits you to add personal annotations or reflections to specific Quranic verses.


Here are some enhanced and new features navigation steps within the quick action panels:


Playlist feature:

Tap on the Playlist icon and the Playlist view pops up. Tap on [Create New Playlist], and you may proceed to add on to create your new playlist. Tap [Done] to save.

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For more detailed information about the Playlist feature, please refer to this [link to separate article about Playlist].


Learn feature: 

Tap on the Learn icon and a pop-up menu appears displaying three options: Lessons, Videos, and Articles related to the selected Sura. Please note that this feature is accessible for Premium users. If you're a non-Premium user, you may need to upgrade your subscription or complete a reward action to unlock the lessons.

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For more detailed information about the Learn feature, please refer to this [link to separate article about Learn].


Memorize feature: 

Tapping on the Memorise icon displays the aya you wish to memorize. You can tap on the play icon to listen to the recitation, flip to view the translation, and keep track of the number of times you've recited the verse.

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For more detailed information about the Memorise feature, please refer to this [link to separate article about Memorise].


Share feature: 

Tap on share icon and a sharing box appears where you may select a picture or background image or also share verse without image. Upon selecting, you will be directed to the Share page to edit the image according to preferences and send it to share accordingly.

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Bookmarks feature:

In page view, you may highlight the aya then tap on it and the quick action panel will appear. Tap on the bookmark icon. While on the list view, simply tap on the bookmark icon located under each aya to bookmark. 

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Note feature:

Select your preferred verse and tap on the Note icon to add a note. A pop-up will appear with a text box where you can add some notes for the aya. Tap [Done] once you have completed inputting your notes. 

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If you wish to delete your notes, tap on the yellow note icon and tap [Delete].

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