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One of the standout features of the redesigned Quran in the app is the Memorisation tool.

This feature aims to support users in memorising Quranic verses, providing interactive tools for practice and revision. It enhances memorisation efforts by tracking the progress and incorporating audio recitations to assist users. This newly added feature to the Muslim Pro app allow users to review memorised verses anytime, anywhere.

Upon tapping on the Quran page in the app, you will see 4 different tabs located at the top of the app page. Tap on [Learn] to navigate your way to Memorise.

Within the Memorise section, you will see 3 different sections for Memorised, Needs Practice and To Memorise. 

Quran - Memorisation 1.png


You will be greeted with a Welcome message! Tap on [Lets start] to begin your Memorisation journey. 

Quran - Memorisation 1 (2).png

On the Memorise page, you will find a list of Suras. Simply select and tap on the Sura you wish to start memorising first.

Quran - Memorisation 3.png


After selecting a Sura, you will see a dropdown menu where you can choose the aya that  you want to memorise. Tap on any aya number to continue with memorisation.

Quran - Memorisation 4.png

The Memorisation card will appear, showcasing three tools.
You may tap on the Play or Pause icon to listen and pause the audio recitation. Tapping the [+] icon allows you to add the aya to Bookmarks or Playlist.

Quran - Memorisation 5.png


Quran - Memorisation 6.png


Quran - Memorisation 7.png


While memorising an aya, you may also internalise the meaning behind each verse. Simply flip the card to read the translation by tapping, and then tap it again to flip the card back. 

Quran - Memorisation 7.png


To assist you in memorisation, you can use the [Tap to count] function to keep track of the number of times you have recited the aya.

Quran - Memorisation 9.png

You may swipe the card right when you have memorised the aya, 

Quran - Memorisation 10.png


You may also swipe the card swipe left if you need more practice,

Quran - Memorisation 10 (2).png


Tap on the back button to end the memorisation session. Your track progress will be reflected in the Needs Practice and Memorised counters on the page, based on the total number of ayas in each section. 

You will be able to access the aya for Memorised, Needs Practice and To Memorise to continue your memorisation journey. 

Quran - Memorisation 11.png

How To Use The Memorisation Tool?

Here are some quick insights to help you on your memorisation journey with Muslim Pro. 

When you tap on the info [i] icon at the top right of the page in the app, you will be directed to the guide on How to use the Memorisation tool. This guide provides detailed instructions and tips to optimize your experience with this feature.

Quran - Memorisation 12.png


Please note that you have to download the Quran audio for the Surah and aya you wish to memorise before using the memorisation tool. 


Should you require any further assistance, please contact us at 

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