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Quran Learn - Surah Lesson

In Muslim Pro, we are dedicated to fostering a deep understanding and appreciation of the Quran among our users. Through our meticulously crafted Quran lessons, we aim not only to enhance their reading proficiency but also to delve into the background of each verse and facilitate a profound comprehension of its meaning. 


Here are the steps to find the Surah Lesson. 


1.  Go to the Quran page from the home page


2. You only need to click learn, and a few surahs will appear in the lessons pane.

Learn Bar.png

Let's dive into Al-Fatihah, for example, and uncover the treasures within its lesson! Let's take an introduction from Al-Fatihah as our guide, delving into its significance within the context of the entire surah. 



Explore and deep dive into the beauty of the Quran through the meaning of each aya and get a complete knowledge check to ensure what you just read could be helpful on your journey in this world.

Knowledge Review.png

Knowledge check is designed to go beyond mere recitation, emphasising the significance of character development and ethical conduct as inspired by the teachings of the Surah itself. The knowledge check will start by providing an aya check, including the audio of reciting the aya.


Aya Check.png


Then, continue with some information about the surah



Get ready for the thrill of putting your knowledge to the test with our multiple-answer questions! You can try to review your understanding by answering the questions related to the Surah.



Once you've answered all the questions, you'll encounter the completion screen, indicating that you've completed the Surah lesson. Don't fret over any incorrect answers; there's always an opportunity to revisit and learn from them later on.

Knowledge Review Complete.png


Prepare for an exciting journey of discovery and enlightenment! Explore additional Surahs under the Lesson section. Please be aware that only several Surahs are currently covered in this feature. We're committed to continuously improving and updating this feature in the near future.

Explore Another Lesson (2).png


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