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How to change Arabic text for Quran?

If you’re having display issues with the Arabic font for the Quran you can change it in the Settings menu.

  • Android users have the choice between 5 fonts (IndoPak, Uthmani, No diacritics or symbol, Mushaf Al-Quran Standar Indonesia and compatible).
  • iOS users have the choice between 4 fonts (IndoPak, Uthmani, No diacritics or symbols and Mushaf Al-Quran Standar Indonesia)

To change the Arabic font for the Quran:

1. Go to the [Quran] page and open any Surah


2. Press on [...] icon and select [Text] tab. 

Reciter 2.png


3. Tap to select the text you wish to use.


Note for Android Users: old versions of Android devices may experience issues with the display of Arabic Text. If you have displayed the Arabic Text with your Android devices please select the Arabic font "Compatible".

The issue with Samsung devices: Please note that we are aware that the first characters of every verse (or line) are truncated on some Samsung devices. It is actually a bug in the way Samsung used to render Arabic characters on their older devices.

While they have now fixed this on their recent devices and firmware updates, the problem persists on older ones.

The only workaround at the moment is the use the “Compatible” option under the Settings > Arabic text menu of the Muslim Pro application.

Should you require any assistance, kindly send us an email at and we will be glad to assist you.

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