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How to activate the coloured Tajweed for Quran?

We've added coloured Tajweed to our Quran feature to help you improve your Quran reading experience.


How to activate the Tajweed?

By default, the Tajweed is automatically activated for the Quran for Indopak and Uthmani text. If it's not the case, follow the steps below :


1. From the app main page, click on the [Settings] icon located  right corner of the screen.


2. On the settings page, select [Quran]

3. You will see [Tajweed] under the “Reading” section. Turn ON the toggle button to activate the tajweed. 



4. Tap on the [i] What is Tajweed? below Tajweed section to know what the Tajweed rules. 





Changing the Arabic text also will hide your highlights verses until you change it back to the initial settings.


Please note that the coloured Tajweed may not be available for some Arabic fonts. Hence, you will not be able to TURN ON/OFF the Tajweed toggle button.




The following fonts are not compatible with the Tajweed: Compatible (android only), No diacritics or symbols and Mushaf Al-Quran Standard Indonesia (Selecting one of these fonts will automatically turn off the Tajweed. If you wish to use the coloured Tajweed, do NOT select any of this font)

Should you require any assistance, kindly send us an email at  and we will be glad to assist you.
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