Locked out of Premium Account

Salam Alaikum,

I've had a premium app for a number of years now (~6yrs). A few months ago I bought a new phone and installed the app. Unfortunately I can't seem to sign in successfully. App keeps saying my password is "associated with a different user account". I've tried to reset my password many times. Still doesn't work.

This went on for months as I tried to make do with the basic version until I found a solution.

Truly, this has been extraordinarily frustrating.

Now that its ramadan I use the app very frequently. After being faced with long and often quite inappropriate ads like "SCATTER SLOTS" for example (which seems like some casino gambling game which is highly inappropriate to say the least) I finally just gave up and decided to buy an annual membership. This now also doesn't work! Im beyond frustrated.  

Please! I'd appreciate some attention to the issue of my being locked out of my premium account.

Thank you kindly.



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