i cannot access my premium account

I purchased premium version several years ago.

Since updating my iPhone it has reverted back to the free version. I have followed instructions available online to register as premium user. I have created an account with my email, logged in and followed the link for Already paid for Premium version

It seems to connect to my apple account and attempt to restore with the message “Restoring transactions” but then comes up with a message saying “An error has occurred. Please try again.” I have tried many times over the course of last few days and its same message.

Today when I tried it says it said the same messages but with additional new message as "This Premium purchase is already being used by another Muslim Pro account" but I am using the same email I purchased with.

I have already sent an email and several reminders to payments@muslimpro.com few days back but not had a response nor acknowledgement to my email.

Thank you


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