Bad support no help

I’ve tried to reach out to your support multiple times without any respond and if don’t get the help that I’m in need of, I will end my subscription and would like to have my account deleted! I have a problem that every time I send a prayer request via the community in the Muslim pro app it fails and says “An error has occurred while retrieving content from the internet. Please check your connection and try again.” The issue started more then 2 weeks ago and only a few time I have successfully been able to send my prayer request, and as I send prayer request every day and many times a day, it’s very important that it works for me but now it doesn’t and it makes me really upset because I don’t understand what the problem is, I have not done anything wrong, all my other apps works perfectly and my internet is good. So please fix this issue for me as I send prayer request everyday and wants to continue doing it but if this issue don’t get solved I want to end my subscription and get help to permanently delete my account. I hope I get any help here because I don’t get any help via email. Embarrassing!


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