No Audio with Azaan notification

Assalam U Alaikum, I have gone through all the articles that were posted regarding solving the issue with aufio for Azaan Notification. I am using note 9 and it has been a while that there is no sound with Azaan notifications. I have selected the volume of alarm to be used, unmonitored the app, gave it advanced permissions, and after doing all this the problem still persists. The app was workin fine since last six months, but after that I dont remember that I have heard Azaan. I am living in Norway and being a Muslim Azaan has it's own sensation that I used to have with the help of this Application, but now I am I don't have that. If your Dev team can improve the development of the app. I myself being a developer really admire the app and idea. It has been a nice application till last few months but after reading all the issues from people around the World, I am afraid people will switch to other apps. I hope you'll not mind the criticism. JazakAllah

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