Musoik pro ads are sinful

Salaam alaykum I currently have the free version of your app and I am disappointed in the tenor of your ads. As an Islamic app you should not run ads that have sexual content or anything that is not halal. It is sad that we are exposed to sinful ads in order to navigate your app. Currently you are running an ad for ladies deodorant or lingerie that shows scantily dressed women. Sometimes when I try to navigate to quran section in a masjid this ad comes up and I have to close my phone to avoid seeing it. Please fear Allah . Do not be so greedy to accept distasteful and sinful ads on an Islamic platform like Muslim Pro. I also have tried to subscribe to the premium version but have not been able to get through google pay because of their inability to confirm my identity. Why are using Google pay alone ? Why do you not offer other methods of payment? However I come back to my first point. Clean up your ads or Allah will take care of thg those who profit from this. Wa salaam This

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