Miss printing for IndoPak

Assalam o alaikum Brother,

First of all I would like to thank you for the wonderful app and efforts that you people have put in Jazak Allah khairan.

Brother there are few aya miss printing in surah Buqra verse number 175, enclosed is the picture and other pages as well under Arabic text: IndoPak.

Secondly I would like to suggest few changes:

1. Starting many surah like Alif laam meem does not have tajwid, if it is there then it will be easy for people who dont know it. Enclosed is the snapshot for both.


2. For Sajda it is written very small, would request you to underline where sajda need to be performed so that while reading one can easily see that there is something and will not miss to do Sajda.

Once again Jazak Allah khairan

Mir Akbar Ali



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