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I love this app so much. This is the best Quran app I have and that i've seen available. Everytime I try to use a different after just minutes I have to come back to Muslim Pro. However, the only problem i'm facing is with the lack of Quran Reciters. There are only 3 reciters which is sad. If I can propose something, you should add Raad Mohammad Al Kurdi. Mashallah he is only 28 years old may God Bless Him he has an astonishing voice. His voice in my opinion is mashallah extremely beautiful, smooth, and calming. His voice is by far the best voice i've ever heard for Quranic recitation. I believe that he was born to recite Quran mashallah. He would be an awesome add to your collection of also amazing and wonderful reciters. Raad is from Iraq, Kurdistan. For his recitation of Surat Al Noor and Surat Al Naazi'aat he has over 4M views on Youtube. Moreover, for his recitation of Surat Al Baqarah he has over 1M views. I really recommend that you add him. Please if you have not checked out his Quranic recitations I recommend that you drop everything and check it out because you're missing out on a lot. 


Inshallah you add him soon. Looking forward for more updates and keep up the good job. Jazak Allah Khair. 



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