Quranic Verses on Main Page

As salaamu alaikom wa rahmatullahi wa barakathu,

Peace and blessings upon all of the team members for the work and efforts done in creating a wonderful application. May Allah SWT bless you all in abundance.

Following feedback from many other family members using the premium version of the app, we have an issue regarding the app popping up a verse of the Quraan on the top of the home page on the app when opening. The reason for this is that at many a time the app may be used to check a salaah time or a date on the calendar, and at that point the user may not necessarily be in a state of Wudu. 

I understand that the intention behind having it on the main page is to instill a greater level of awareness and to enlighten the user, however having a verse of the Quraan open on the app when not in Wudu would be disrespect to the Quraan and against the prescription of the state of cleanliness and how we need to be when viewing or handling an Ayah.

Our suggestion is to move it to an alternative screen or to move all Aayah's and Hadeeth to the bottom of the page that would force a user to scroll to the bottom should there be a desire to see it. 

I trust that this will be taken into consideration inshaAllah.

Wasalaam alaikom wa rahmatullahi wa barakathu

Mohammed Zaakir Ally


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