Please add new reciters


I pray that Allah blesses the developer a for their effort and grants you all jannatul firdous in one place. I pray that he the almighty gives you the strength to persevere in striving to improve this app.

I would like to make the request to add new reciters, in particular shaykh Hussary. I am currently using other Muslim apps much more despite this one being my favourite. It’s simply because of the lack of this essential reciter.
I have made this request before and will continue to do so as I believe that this should be the crux of a Muslim app; having the Quran and with many reciters to choose from.
I keep mentioning shaykh Hussary because he is widely used to improve people’s tajweed.
I can understand that you have a lot of other jobs on your list however, this should be your top priority as It’s the crux of having an Islamic app.

Please add more reciters.

Barakallah feek,

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