I want to delete my account .

I am a prime member of the Muslim Pro app. A few days ago the App Store was given qatar, I made my location for United States a requirement, when my location was qatar my Muslim Pro app was subscribed. Now I want to change the App Store location to qatar, but I can not do it for Muslim Pro Subscriptions. Apple will be able to offer customer care and they tell me as long as it is not possible to change the location till the subscription, then I tell them to stop the Muslim Pro subscription They stopped because the subscriptions were not expired Mother told her as long as its expiration is not possible to change the location of Apple Store 28: 03: 2020 then Apple Customer Care told me to get help from Muslim Pro app developer. Please help me stop this app. When it's gone completely from my Apple ID, I can change my Apple ID locale. I want to stop this app completely. And want to stop its prime version and do not have it on my Apple ID.

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