Revise on Surah Al-Nasr

Assalamualaikum and Salam Ramadhan Kareem Sir,

Thank you for establishing such a beautiful app for us, Muslims, using it conveniently at anywhere and anytime. May ALLAH SWT bless and reward you for your good deeds in this Ramadhan.

Hence, I would like to touch on the surah that I read earlier and spotted there is an error and I feel so wrong and berdosa if I do not write this to muslimpro.com.

I hope this rectification can be fixed asap and if I spotted wrongly, please forgive me. I’m merely an ordinary human being.

On ayat 3 of this surah, there is an error that I’ve highlighted when it should be wastaghfirhu and not waistaghfirhu.

*Ampun beribu-ribu ampun kalau saya silap baca.

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