The word verse

Asslamou Alikoum Wa Rahmato Allah,

For the love of Allah stop using the word verse when referring to Ayas of Quran.

The word verse is only used to describe poetry and Quran is no poetry.

Kuffar accused prophet Mohamed (SAW) of being a poet and Allah refuted that and strongly stated that Quran is "not the words of a poet".

Christians and Jews translated both Injil and Thorat to poems in all world languages and they say both holy books were inspired to Issa and Moussa (AS) disciples as poems.

Their lame people will inevitably think Quran is the same thing when we Muslims refer to it as verses.

The only word acceptable to use is the word aya and we shall use it so much that the entire world would recognize the word aya the same way they recognize the word Quran.

This app is so beautiful masha Allah and I hope you can rectify this problem and not just follow mindlessly translations without much thought. I could not find a direct way to communicate with the people in charge.

and Allah we seek for guidance.

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