Qiyam Prayer and inappropriate ads

Salaam everyone,

I was wondering what the status is on a Qiyam prayer update? I saw that multiple posts were made about the possibility of adding this in the past but nothing ever came out. 

Another concern is that I 100000% understand that ads are a source or revenue, trust me I really do. But to have ads of half naked women come up, especially when I'm in the masjid, is totally not okay. InshAllah you guys can do something about this. I understand that you can only do so much with this. But to be blunt, I think it might be morally beneficial to explore different ad providers as a lot of us seem to be having the same complaint. It really is haram to KNOW these are the kinds of ads are on but still choose to keep them on there. I genuinely wish the best of luck to you as you still have the best Muslim app, but this a very serious issue in which it needs to be addressed.

Thank you so much for hearing me out. Assalamualaikum


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