Problematic Muslim Pro app (Android)


I've been trying to download recitation audio files and translation but the app seems failed to download it. Countless of reinstalling, clearing data and caches but nothing work. Also, I've noticed previously, even i have completely downloaded the audio, there will be sometimes it requires to download the recitation again. This should not be happening especially to paying subscribers like me. Phone storage is more than enough.
This has been gone for 2 days. I've gone through the community answers but still the same.
It seems the downloading issue is still not fixed which I don't know why. There is also no indicator if the server is not reachable or busy.

Please help resolve this issue ASAP. Oh, don't bother about my network. Everything is fine regardless which connection I use.
Here is the list of actions I've taken:
1) Countless(yes, countless!) re-installing app using Wi-Fi and mobile data.
2) Clearing cache and data.
3) Force stop application to load app again.
4) Use OpenDNS/Google DNS instead my ISP DNS
5) Use in-app download (cloud icon) but nothing is happening. No warning about size of audio file to be downloaded also
6) Online playing the recitation for a single surah also fail
7) No 5 & 6 tried on both Wi-Fi and Mobile data.
These methods also failed to download the translation. Re-sign up with 'Keep Current Device Data' also failed.
Please do not point to how to download KB article.


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