Qur'an loss of progress, notes, favourites, highlights


I opened the Muslim Pro app a few weeks ago and found that all my Qur'an progress had been cleared including checked ayats, notes, favourites, and highlights.

Something similar has happened numerous times previously where the app says I have 0/___ ayats checked for each surah. However, the number of notes and favourites would still be there in the side menu. In these cases, the progress would always reappear after a few days and after me closing and reopening the app.

I was hoping it would reappear like previous times but it hasn't. I checked the side menu where it shows the number of notes and favourites, and it doesn't have anything listed under them.

I haven't changed any settings and whenever the pop up comes up with 'Do you want to keep current device data or recovered data?' I always pick current device data. This is because in the past, when I clicked recovered data it set back my progress.

I haven't read any Qur'an since as I am discouraged to use this app further. I feel that if I continue to invest my time in it, it will disappoint me with further issues like this.

Please help me to resolve this issue.



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