Forward and Rewind button for the verses (ayat) of Surahs

I have noticed that there are forward and rewind buttons when the recitation of the surah is played. Pressing either of them will move to the next, or previous surah. Since there already are two buttons to go back and forth between surahs before the play button is pressed, this makes the forward and rewind button wholly redundant.

Instead of having this seemingly useless feature, why not allocate those rewind and forward button to go to the next or previous verses (ayats) of each particular surah? Not only will this make navigation around a surah easy, it would aid immensely in the memorization of a particular verse.

Switching from Android to Apple, I was wholly disappointed to see that this particular feature was lacking, even after becoming a lifetime premium user. There are tons of free apps on Play Store with this simple, but very useful feature.

Also, I would like to bring to your attention to correct the orientation of the recitation of Mishari Rashid al-Afasy with regards to some particular verses. An example of this would be verse 123 of Surah 2: towards the end of the Mishari's recitation of the said verse, if the playback is set to repeat, you can hear a fragment of the beginning of the next verse (verse 124) first before the app plays verse 123 again. This at first appears as a small problem, but for someone who is trying to memorize the Qur'an, it is indeed a major annoyance.

Please see to it that these problems are dealt with accordingly. Jazakallahukarian. 

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