Customizing athan voice to another (not predefined) athans

Salamun alaykum,
Many years past and still Muslim Pro doesn't allow users to customize azan with their own (not in app predefined) azan. Long time ago in 2018 muslim pro representative said "it is not allowed" without explaining any reason. Could you please explain me/us what the reason is, that Muslim Pro till now prevents its customers to change the athan?

In android 8 on my device I can just change the athan sound just by going to the android notification app setting for muslim pro and change the prayerSubuh.mp3 or another same files for another athans to another voices. The most important things here is that you should know, there will be no effect to just prevent user in app to choose another mp3-file. I think at this point Muslim Pro should just learn to know it brings nothing to prevents user changing to another athan in app and just from now Muslim Pro should just allow this customization in app. Banning user without explaining the reason is not a nice way to make a decision understandable and keep the users calm. Thank you.

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