Reference to Call R.A as A.S.

Hi, I have seen few images in muslim pro in section of Daily Inspiration called by Hazrat Ali R.A. You have called Hazrat Ali as A.S. instead of R.A. while as per my knowledge and discussed with A'alim ans Islamic Scholar they have answered me that Only Islamic Personality of Quran except Our beloved Prophet Muhammed S.A.W. are called as A.S. but you have mentioned Hazrat Ali as A.S even might be Imam Hasan R.A. or Hussain R.A. and Hazrat Fatema R.A also called as A.S.

In Khutba of Juma Imam also called them as R.A not as A.S. Then how can we call them A.S. 

So, If you have any Authentic reference regarding this Please Let me Know. So, I can clear doubt of others but you also know Hadith refers from Phophet Muhammed S.A.W. only So, Any Islamic scholar has started this thing calling them as A.S. It won't be an Authentic Reference.


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