The prayer timetable has too much change

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Jun 2, 05:42 CST

I have an issue. I live in Buckingham UK and the fajr time for my location has changed by 23 mins from 31st May to 1 June. How is that possible. I am using automatic settings. I am confused as to the correct timings for fasting.

Second, I checked the time for Milton Keynes a town 5 miles east of here and magrib has a 6 min difference from Buckingham. That is not possible. A minute or 2 max I can understand but not 6 mins. I seriously believe there is an issue with the way the app calculates the times. Similarly the fajr or imsak time also has a difference.

Kindly check and let me know. Is it that there is an issue with the icc verification.

Central mosque in mk are stating imsak at 255am and magrib at 916pm today

Jazakallah khair for your help


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