Correct salah timing in Madinah - Saudi Arabia

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
I have found that this app is one of the best in terms of design/usability, however I am facing one major issue that I am not getting correct Salat timing automatically for the holy city of Madinah? Even with manual adjustment I find minutes will be shifted eventually so for continuous use I must make sure it is per the official one which I am hopeful that as a developer it is easy to add and correct since “Umm al Qura” which is the official salat calendar is officially announced and distributed for all major Saudi cities including Madinah
Here is the official website and the link by which you get a full years view of Madinah salat timings. http://www.ummulqura.org.sa/yearprayer.aspx?l=39.63&m=24.54&t=3.00&year=1439&day=16&city=المدينة%20المنورة

P.S. it seems that the difference between app and official is +-4 minutes in Ishraq, Assr, Maghreb and Isha. I’ve found duhur and Fajr are consistent but please double check with official calendar.
Your cooperation is highly appreciated thanks


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