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I've thought of some new features that can be beneficial for us if were in the app.

One of them could be a button to track every prayer we do; for example, if someone is not praying five times a day but two, tracking the times and progression, as well as setting goals in the future, can create a pattern of constantly praying. Some "motivational" quotes from the Qur'an or Hadith can help too.

The other one could be a brand new section in the app dedicated to the Holy Month of Ramadan, where we can track the days we fast (in case we are not able to fast a day for some reason, that day will be not marked and we could set the date when we will recover that day), we can see other days to fast (apart from the Holy Month of Ramadan)...

Thank you, and I really love the app. If some features are added or a (little) redesign of the app is coming, I absolutely will be paying for the "Premium version".

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