Names of Allah - Few Translation Mistakes

As Salamu Alaikum,

I am a Turkish user of your wonderful Application, may Allah bless you and your application always which helps to make us "Muslim Pro" as well. 

As I use Turkish version of your app, few of the Names of Allah are not translated well. For instance Ar Rashid is said in Turkish translation: "who doesn't need guidance"
But according to what I know and what I find the meaning of Ar Rashid are: 

"The One who unerringly decrees, appoints or ordains the right way. The One who is the supreme director to the right path and right belief."

"The One who perfectly and righteously directs all matters toward their proper conclusion. The One who needs no aid to direct all affairs rightly."

There are some small mistakes like that. Also the meaning of name "Al Ahad" is empty, also additional descriptions can be included where one word is not enough to describe the meaning. 

Best Regards


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