Setting Fajr Adhan at a later time

As Salamu Alaikum, 

Such a wonderful application, everytime I use this I am making duas to all the developers and providers, may Allah bless all of you. 

I am a person who prays Fajr close to Sunrise, not when the sky is totally dark. To be more specific, I don't pray when Sun is at 18' degrees but I start to pray when it is at 9' degrees at least. Because I don't believe Fajr still doesn't start at that time. Because there is a debate about this, I prefer to pray at a time when the time is certainly Fajr.

For this reason I kindly ask from you: is that possible to set forward the adhan time to be recited from your app? Just an additional setting can be included, for people whoever prefers to listen adhan at a later time? 

(Also being able to set the notification time earlier can give ability to wake up for Suhur, so setting the time for notification to Fajr can be left flexible. Additionally, this flexibility can help the individual to prepare to go mosque, if we can set an earlier notification as well) 

In summary, a flexible adjustable notification I ask which we can set to a forward time or at an earlier time before prayer. 

Best regards


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