Mistakes in the Qur'an

Since April this year I am emailing for Muslim pro team to correct the mistakes that i have found in hyphenation. I have found three!! and the especially the famous verse from Surah Rehman 'Fabi-ayyi ala-i rabbikumatukaththiban' is wrong at every place!!!!!!

Below are texts of my emails from 3 different mistakes!

1. Request #102096 ::: Error in arabic 'zair'. In surah al Asr the third Ayat (103:3) word 'bilhuqqa' is wrong. It should be bihuqqi. The zair should be below the letter Quaff.

2. Request #116221 ::: English translation of 18:24 'if Allah wills'. The correct usage needs an 's' with 'will'.

3. Request #116871 ::: The famous verse of surah Rehman ALL Arabic verses say 'rabbakuma' not rabbikuma. The correction is needed in the arabic of ALL




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