Question about London central mosque / London unified prayer times for Hamafi prayer setting

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wanarrakatuh,

I would like to report errors in the prayer times that are set for London unified prayer times and London central mosque. I also think these two settings should be merged?

Under automatic settings for people who live in London, we have the automatic setting for London central mosque however this is only for people who follow standard Asr prayer times. If I try to change this to Hanafi prayer times, the whole prayer times are changed from London central mosque to London unified prayer times. London unified prayer times in Muslim pro are not correct according to the official timings, it is usually off by plus or minus a few minutes every day (although I'm not that picky about this usually, because it's Ramadan, please can you update this so we are following the correct timings). This error isn't something that we can manually adjust because the amount it varies changes from prayer to prayer and day to day. 

So in summary, please can you fix

- Should London central mosque and London unified prayer times be merged?

-Errors in London unified prayer times ( see official prayer times: http://www.eastlondonmosque.org.uk and https://www.londonprayertimes.com )

Jazakallah khair



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