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assalam walaykum warahmatUllahi wabarakatuh

congratulations on your wonderful work, may Allah bless you abd multiply your good deeds. I also run an Islamic page on Facebook (Corán & Hadiz Traducido en Español) and Instagram (@islamtraducido) (in Spanish) , I have a couple of islamic pictures which may benefit you, some are of hadiths which may have not yet been translated into Spanish before and others are ayat/dawah based. Alhamdulillah they are doing very well to spread the message of Islam in Spanish speaking countries and I would like to email (all 113) of images to you in order for you to also put them to good use in shaa Allah (feel free to put your logo on them as they have no logos).. You can also view them on the first album of the Facebook page "Corán & Hadiz Traducido en Español" in shaa Allah. I am looking forward to your reply, thank you for your time, Jazakh Allahu kheiran BarakhAllahu feek

your brother in Islam

Joshua Mbelolo

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