Auto Replay / Repeat specific ayat(s)


Thank you for the wonderful app. Masha'Allah, its very well designed and I have enjoyed the new features over the last few years.

I should have posted this a long time ago but here goes.

It would be great if we can replay / repeat specific ayats as some other Quran apps do.

For example, user can select to replay / repeat ayat 1 through 3 or ayat 5 and 6 of a Surah. And the user should have the option to set the replay / repeat frequency to repeat Once, Twice, Three times or Unlimited.

This will help with training, learning and memorization for Quran.

This feature is heavily used by other Quran app users per user reviews and the feature is advertised on the feature list for other apps.

I'm not sure how much traffic this community forum gets here so I don't expect a lot of users to chime in with a thumbs up or other opinions. But I can say for certain this feature would be great gift for all Muslim Pro users.

Please have your product team research this feature and consider it. inshAllah you will develop this. I am a Premium user for years and would love it.

Jazak Allah khair


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