Salah Log Feature with snooze option


Dear Team,

Thanks for your effort & time you are spending on this app May Allah give benefit of this in this world & hereafter.

I would like you to add couple of features which will definitely benefit Muslims.

1. Before we swipe to close the notification, can you please add Prayed,Prayed kadha, Not Prayed option in it (see pic below), this will create a log chart.

This way a muslim will feel guilty if he always say Not prayed for prayed kadha, can we can see our own LOG after a month or year to see the % of salah we have missed.

2. Can you Add an optional feature which allow us to add Jamaat time.

3. And the last one is snooze after Adhan till we have valid time left & the last snooze with the message " last 10 mins Remaining !!! "

This will be like fighting with Saitan & will create extra pressure on Muslims who wants to Pray but are Lazy.

Thanks, Hope you take it seriously, Keep up the good work.


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