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For certain Muslim Pro App is very supportive for our Muslim Brothers & Sisters out there. The Community section of the app gives great support however the problem with this section of the app is there is no option of replying to our Muslim Brothers and Sisters who are asking for help. When I read the help being asked in the community section I urgently want to reply by giving help with the use of hadiths from Hadith books and verses of the Quran yet that option is not given. For example someone may be asking for help to improve their health and I want to reply to them by revealing sahih hadith of Sunan Ibn Majah Vol 4. Book 31, Hadith 3447 but I cannot do it as doing this is not part of the app sadly. Our Muslim brothers and sisters would get so much help if this good was added. In YouTube we have the option of replying yet this good is not available in this app. I have a high feeling that many users of the app would  love it if this good was added. The sooner this good is added the better as this can support those in need a lot and is an opportunity for those giving the support to earn great rewards in this life and the next life. Adding this good would make it highly likely that the app would become even more famous and earn much more great reviews. 

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