Dourous by and for the community

Al Salam ‘alaykum.

You are doing great job. Jazakum Allah kulu kheir.


After we experienced a Dars cancellation a couple of weeks ago, my brother suggested the idea of a participatory App for Dourous events.

What I call a Dars is a course given in a mosque. There are a lot of Dourous in France but they are not often properly announced.

As a Muslim Pro user, I though it could be more suitable and beneficial for the community if this could be a Muslim Pro feature.

So I took the liberty of making a first try mock-up of what it could look like in Muslim Pro with the current UI :

(link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B423gg3nU1esNWVldmdOTUVEMDQ/view?usp=sharing )

1st Screen – Calendar:

Same as the current Muslim Pro calendar with a list of the Dourous to come for the month. A click on a Dars redirects to the Dars detail page.

2nd Screen – Map

Same as the current Muslim Pro map of mosques but with the next Dars in nearest mosque. A click on a Dars redirects to the Dars detail page.

3rd Screen – New Dars form

This is where the Dourous are added. It looks like the iOS event creation Form.

The fields are :

- The name of the Dars and the Mosque (selected from existing mosques or detected from current position)

- The date and after which prayer (most of the Dourous are after Dohr, Asr or Maghrib)

- If it is a recurrent event

- If a reminder should be set

- The language. For example here in France it could be : French, Arabic or Both

- The Category of the Dars. For example : Aquida, Tafseer, Tajweed, Fikh, Sira...

This screen should reserved to premium members only.

4rd Screen – Dars detail

It looks like the iOS event Detail screen. I’ve put a calendar view in the mock-up but it could be a map instead.

The very important point here is the Community exchange area. It is where the members can send messages concerning the Dars. They can inform others for example that the Dars is cancelled or reported.

One interesting feature could be to have push notifications about new Dourous in our area (5th Screen).


That’s it. Obviously, there are still points to clarify and to improve.


Such a tool could lead to a small improvement to the community’s level of science in cha Allah.


Barak Allahou fikom.



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