Quran Verse Sharing Options

I really like the Quran sharing feature of Mulsim Pro. Especially that I can do it with different Backgrounds.

I have some suggestions for this.

1. Sometimes the consecutive Verses of the Quran are related and need to be shared together for the full meaning. But now I am only able to share one verse at a time. I need to be able to share 2 or 3 consecutive verses on the same background.

2. The Sharing options in Facebook are to my timeline and to Groups. I want to share to my Facebook Page. This is possible through the FB Page Manager App. But is it possible to be able to do it without installing the Page Manager app and only the FB App.

3. Include more options for Backgrounds. Another option would be to allow users to add more Backgrounds to the available options. I am sure there are graphic designers in the App users who would love to contribute.



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