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What is the difference between the free and Premium Versions of Muslim Pro?

In order to let you try the Muslim Pro app without any time constraint, we have decided to keep the application free with an optional Premium upgrade.  

If you are a Premium subscriber, Muslim Pro now allows you to use one Premium subscription across multiple devices on different platforms (Android & iPhone).

For example, if you have previously bought a Lifetime Premium version license on iPhone, you can now restore and use the Premium purchase not only on an iPhone device but also on an Android device by logging in with the Muslim Pro account you've tied your Premium purchase to. 




We provide a new scheme for both premium subscribers to classify between lifetime and regular subscribers. You can refer to the table below concerning the device limit for each type of subscription:


Device Access Limit Subscription Type

Muslim Pro & Qalbox Access

Supported 5 Devices

Muslim Pro + Qalbox Monthly and Yearly Subscription. 

Muslim Pro Premium Access

Supported 5 Devices

Muslim Pro Lifetime Premium 

Muslim Pro Premium Access

Supported 2 Devices

Muslim Pro Premium Monthly and Yearly Subscription (Without Qalbox)


With a Premium subscription, you will get access to either/ both Muslim Pro Premium features and stream video content in our new streaming video on demand platform, Qalbox.



Other benefits of Premium: 

  • Watch and Play Qalbox Videos
  • Download the audio recitations of the Qur’an (to listen offline)
  • Select different Adhan recordings (Muezzin)
  • Select different Quran reciters
  • Select different background images for the Quran
  • Select different beads for the Tasbih
  • Select different dials for the Qibla
  • Select different colour themes for the app
  • See all prayer times in the widget
  • Remove all ads from the application
  • Show us your continuous support

If you want to find out more about our new streaming video on demand platform, Qalbox, click here:  

Should you require any assistance, kindly send us an email at  and we will be glad to assist you.

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