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Can I watch Qalbox on my computer or mobile web browser?

With the launch of Qalbox, not only will you be able to access Qalbox on the Muslim Pro app, but also on the Web browser. In the first release of Qalbox, you can stream your favorite Qalbox content using any of this supported devices - smartphones, tablets, PCs, computers and laptops. 

Using the same Muslim Pro/Qalbox account that is tied to your Premium, you can access Qalbox on the Muslim Pro app and Web browser using the same log in method.

Here’s how you can watch Qalbox on your computer or mobile web browser:



1. Go to the web browser and enter: and click [Log In] on the top right corner of the main page

2. Login with the same Muslim Pro/Qalbox Premium account that you used to log in on the Muslim Pro app 


3. Enjoy watching Qalbox from your computer or mobile web browser!



  1. Currently, we only provide streaming rights to our subscribers. Downloading the video content to your devices are currently not available for Qalbox in the Muslim Pro app or Qalbox Web browsers. We hope it will be made available in the future updates.
  2. For existing Muslim Pro Premium (without Qalbox) users, do note that you will need to upgrade your Muslim Pro Premium subscription to have full streaming access to Qalbox.
If you require any assistance, kindly send us an email at  and we will be glad to assist you.

How can I watch Qalbox on the Muslim Pro app?

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