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How do I adjust the volume while watching the video?

During Qalbox content playback, you have the option to adjust the volume level if you find it too loud or too low.

Here are the steps to adjust your video volume on Qalbox.

1. Select a content to stream

Tap on [Play] button. 

2. Watching Qalbox on the Muslim Pro app

Users can adjust the volume by toggling the video volume button which is located at the top of the screen (if the user views the video in landscape mode). Users can increase or decrease the volume by adjusting the white button.

Other than that, users can also adjust the volume by using the device's volume located at the edge of the device (depending on device’s model).


3. Watching Qalbox on Web browser

  • Hover the cursor over the video you are currently watching to make the video controls visible.
  • On the bottom right, you should see volume controls.
  • To control how high or low the volume is, hover the cursor over the volume bar and click down side to lower the volume or the up side to raise the volume.
  • If you’d like to mute the video entirely, click the speaker icon. Click again to unmute.

If you require any assistance, kindly send us an email at  and we will be glad to assist you.
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