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How do I change my login email address?

You are able to edit, update and amend your email address from your Muslim Pro/Qalbox account. Read this article to know more on how to do so!

For Muslim Pro app

1. From Qalbox page, go to [Profile]


2. Click [Edit Profile]

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3. Click on the [Edit] button you see on the Email section of this page

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4. For verification purposes, you will be prompted to re-login. Click [Ok] and proceed to login with the same email address used and change your login email address accordingly.

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For Qalbox Web browser

1. Click on the [User] icon located at top right of your screen


2. You will be directed to [Account Settings] page, then click on the [Email Address] page

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3. Click on the [Email Address] section to change your email address

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4. Click
[Update Email Address] to proceed and save your account setting

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Are there limitations to the number of times users can change their login email address?

No, users are able to change their login email address multiple times.

Which Login method allows you to change the login email address directly on Muslim Pro app or the Qalbox Web browser?

You are only able to change your email address if you are logged in by [Email]. Changing of your social logins; Google, Facebook and Apple is not available in the app.

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If you require any assistance, kindly send us an email at  and we will be glad to assist you.
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