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How to log in to Muslim Pro & Qalbox

With one Premium subscription, you can have access to both Muslim Pro Premium features and full streaming access to Qalbox content. You can now enjoy streaming videos on demand on the Muslim Pro app and Qalbox web browser. For existing Muslim Pro Premium users, do note that you will need to upgrade your Muslim Pro Premium subscription to have full streaming access to Qalbox.

Once you have the Premium subscription, you will need to log in to your Muslim Pro/Qalbox account that you have tied your Premium subscription with to have full streaming access to Qalbox. Here are some guidelines on how you can access Qalbox via the Muslim Pro app or the Qalbox Web browser:

Logging In on the Muslim Pro App:

  1. Click on the [Profile] icon at the bottom right of the page

  2. Click on [Log in]


3. Do ensure you are at [Log in to Muslim Pro] page to proceed

4. Enter the correct login details tied to your Premium subscription to access your Premium account. You can log in with either Google, Apple, Facebook or Email / Phone

5. You will find [Qalbox] at the bottom panel of your [Today's] screen 


Logging in on the Qalbox Web browser 

1. Enter the Qalbox Web browser link on your preferred web browser:

2. Click on the [Login] button at the top right corner of screen. 

3. Enter your Email to sign in or simply continue with Apple or Google account that is tied to your Premium subscription. Once logged in, you will now have full streaming access to Qalbox. 



Watch the video below to login to Muslim Pro and Qalbox:

If you require any assistance, kindly send us an email at  and we will be glad to assist you.


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