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How to Plan My Own Khatam?


If you're a Muslim planning to complete a Khatam during Ramadan, using the khatam feature in Muslim Pro can help you read the Quran while on the go or during your free time. With this feature, you can track your progress and receive daily reminders to recite your assigned pages. Additionally, you can listen to the Quran recitation and read the translation of each verse in your preferred language.

What is Khatam?

Our Khatam feature will allow our users to start their own Khatam reading and be able to have the flexibility of setting their own deadlines. Users will also have the option to use our app or read using a physical Quran. Users can also invite their friends and families from around the world to read the Quran together!

Users have the ability to track and view the progress of their Quran reading. The progress will be available when users log in to their own Muslim Pro account. On top of that, users can view their history and be able to nudge others in their Quran reading groups to motivate them to read.


Khatam State

 Khatam State is the new feature that lets users know if they have an active reading plan or not. 


There will be 2 states or conditions of Khatam


1. Empty State

This is when users have no reading plan yet. Simply tap [Start Khatam]  to set up your reading plan. Once you click, it will bring you to the Khatam feature. 



2. Active Khatam State

This is when users have set up their khatam in the app. Simply tap [View Khatam] to continue reading progress.



How to start my own Khatam?

1. From the home page, go to [Quran]. 

2. Then, within the Quran page, select [Start Khatam] next to Reading plan. 


3. Then, tap
[Plan My Own Khatam] to start and plan your own Khatam



4. You will be able to see a calendar page that allows you to schedule your own Khatam 


5. After choosing the Khatam page, you will be forwarded to this page where you will have the option to choose your mode of Quran; [App or Physical Quran] and you are ready to go!


6. Once you have planned and created your own Khatam, you will be able to track your progress from the Khatam page. 


7. There are also achievement badges to motivate you to read the Quran!


How to make a Khatam group?


1. To make a Khatam group, tap [Create a Group]. Both Quran in app and physical Quran has the same interface. 



2. Choose your preferred number of people to join the Khatam Group


3. You will be able to send invitations to multiple people on different messaging platforms!


How do I join a Reading Group?


1. Once you tap on the link to join a Reading Group, you will be directed here:

2. Key in the passcode to join the Reading Group. You can find the passcode from the message shared by your friend.


3. Once you’ve joined, you will be able to see the group activity and you will be able to choose your preferred Juz, as follows:



Besides, you will also be able to see your group’s progress and the Juz that they are reading at the moment.




Why can’t I join a Reading Group created by my friend?

You might have an active/existing Khatam Plan at the moment.

To join a Reading Group, make sure to delete the existing [Reading Plan] from your Profile, as follows:


1. Tap on the 3 dots on the top right of the screen.

2. Tap [Delete Reading Plan]

3. And confirm deletion

4. You will be able to join the Reading Group after deletion. 


It's important to remember that the goal of completing a Khatam is not just to finish the Quran, but to understand and reflect on its teachings. To achieve this, you should set a realistic goal and make a schedule for your daily activity. Take time to reflect on the verses you recite and strive to implement their teachings in your daily life.

Should you require any assistance, kindly send us an email at  and we will be glad to assist you.

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