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How to Customise the Timeline in Muslim Pro App

Muslim Pro has introduced new feature to our user to choose which cards or what they want to see on their app Home page.

Below are what you can do to customised your app Home page:

  • Premium users                   : hide and rearrange the order of the cards.
  • Free/ non-premium users : rearrange the order of the cards.

How to rearrange the card order:

Go to [Today] page of Muslim Pro app and scroll down to the bottom until you see [Edit] button. Click it will bring you to the [Today Cards] settings page.
Click and press hold the "three lines"  icon at the right hand side to move it UP or DOWN.

How to hide or show the hidden cards:

On the Today Cards settings page, click on the "-" icon at the left hand side and then click the [Hide] button.

The card will no longer appear on the Today page (homepage) in the app.


To add back the card to the SHOW section, just click the “+” icon, it will automatically move back to SHOW section.

The card will appear again on the Today page (homepage) in the app.


You can also customise or edit it from the Settings page.




Are you our premium users but have an issue to hide the card, kindly email us for further assistance.




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