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How to use the Notification Center

Muslim Pro has rolled out a new Push Notification center, making it simple for users to toggle on or off any feature notifications from the app. This notification center empowers you to manage notifications for the following features:

  1. Adhan Preferences
  2. Daily Deen
  3. Daily Verse
  4. Dhikr Reminder
  5. Fasting Tracker
  6. Streak Rewards
  7. Islamic Calendar
  8. Prayer Request
  9. Fasting Reminder 



To use the Notification Center:

Go to [Settings] > [ Push Notifications]



To change the Adhan notification settings:

Go to [Push Notifications] > [Adhan Preferences]




To adjust other features notifications:

Tap on each section for notification setting or simply Enable/ Disable using the toggle buttons on the right (only for Read, Watch, and Promotion section).



Should you require any assistance, kindly send us an email at  and we will be glad to assist you.


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