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Muslim Pro Released a Fresh New Look Inspiration Section


As the the most popular Muslim app worldwide, Muslim Pro is recognised by millions of Muslims around the world with its inspirational quotes. Muslim Pro has just released a revamped version of our ‘Inspiration’ section. 


This section now has a fresh new look that is visually more appealing with thumbnails in grid. In addition to the Inspiration quotes, our Inspiration section now includes Islamic-themed articles, image card series, and infographics. All of the content is shareable and can now be saved as favorite so that you will be able to refer back to them easily.


Muslim Pro will highlight different content themes for each month. Look out for the “Theme of the month” article in the Inspiration section to know the featured theme of the month. Along with this new fresh look, users can also search content within the Inspiration section by typing keywords in the ‘Search’ tab. 


What are you waiting for? Start exploring our new ‘Inspiration’ section to get your daily dose of inspiration.


Did you know?

The Muslim Pro Team keeps working on improving the app, not only creating new features but also improving the overall performances of the app.

Should you have an issue with the app, you can:

  1. Check out the articles in Muslim Pro - Help Center for the most common technical issues articles or
  2. Ask the community for help

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