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How does the Premium subscription plan works?

If you are a new user and would like to know how the Muslim Pro app Premium subscription works, read this article for more.

Muslim Pro offers Monthly and Yearly Premium subscription plans for users to subscribe. Monthly and Yearly subscription includes a 7-day Free trial period that will begin once you have confirmed your purchase with your device's app store. 

 *Please note that you will not be charged yet during the 7-day Free trial period. (The Free trial is only valid for first-timers who have never purchased and canceled their subscriptions before).

With the launch of Qalbox, our new global subscription video-on-demand entertainment streaming service in July 2022, with one Premium subscription, not only will you get to enjoy our Premium features in the Muslim Pro app but you will also have full streaming access to videos in Qalbox.  

How to subscribe to our Premium subscription plan?

1. On the Muslim Pro App homepage, click the [Go Premium] button at the top of the page.

2. On the Premium page, you will see the type of subscriptions offered. Select your preferred subscriptions and click on the [Activate Premium] button. 


3. Create a new Muslim Pro account or log in to your existing Muslim Pro account to tie in your Premium subscription. You can create a Muslim Pro account by either linking your social accounts (Facebook or Google), mobile number or create a password for an existing email address.

Once you have successfully sign up or log in, your Premium will be activated accordingly. 

What happens after the Free trial period?

At the end of the 7 days Free trial period, you will automatically be charged by your device's app store based on the subscription plan that you have selected. 

Payments are handled by the various platforms where Muslim Pro is distributed. This is actually a guarantee for you that independent developers like us do not have access to your payment details as payments are processed by Apple, Google or Samsung depending on your device. 

Note: Please ensure you have a valid payment method in your device's app store before the end of the free trial if you wish to continue with the subscription. At the end of the free trial, you’ll automatically get charged the amount of your subscription in order to continue the subscription service. 

Click on the link below to learn more on how the payment platforms handle subscription services:

Apple iTunes store - Subscriptions and Billing
Google Play store - Subscribe to services or content

Cancellation of Premium subscription

We have the obligation to rely on the payment mechanisms offered by the various platforms where Muslim Pro is distributed. If you wish to cancel your Premium subscription, during the 7 days free trial or after the trial period, please contact the app store where you purchased Muslim Pro (Apple, Google, Samsung depending on your device). To avoid charges, please cancel the subscription before the trial period expires. Kindly follow the steps in the link below to cancel your subscription:

Apple iTunes store
Google Play store

If you have previously purchased a Premium subscription for Muslim Pro, a Muslim Pro account is required to restore your Premium purchase. With the new version of Muslim Pro, users will have to log in on their Muslim Pro account to use your Premium purchase across multiple devices (Android or/and Apple). Read more here: I've previously bought a Premium subscription that is still active, how do I restore my Premium in the app or access it from other devices? 


I've upgraded my Muslim Pro premium but i am unable to activate my 7 days Free trial.

If you are Muslim Pro premium user and you have issues activating 7 days free trial, here might be the reason why:

i. You were a Muslim Pro subscriber ONLY and have previously activated your Free trial

ii. You purchased the 2 years Premium which does not offer 7 days Free trial

*note that the 7 days Free trial is only applicable for monthly and yearly subscription.

Should you require any assistance, kindly send us an email at  and we will be glad to assist you.

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