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How To Create & Link Account

In order to save and sync data on Muslim Pro, users need to create Muslim Pro account. User can save:

  • Muslim Pro Quran settings such as bookmarks, notes, favourites
  • Muslim Pro app settings such as language, Azan notifications settings and Quran reciter

Muslim Pro account is also required if users want to post Dua or Prayer Request in the Community section. 

For Premium users, a Muslim Pro account is needed to restore the Premium purchase. User have to login with the same Muslim Pro account to enjoy Premium version across their Android or/and iPhone devices. User can connect a maximum of  5 devices at a time with the same Muslim Pro account.

To create an account, you can just follow the below steps:

1. Click on the Settings (gear icon) at the top of the homepage.

2. Select [Signup or Login]

3. Insert your email and password then click [Signup or Login]


If you have already logged in, it will show [My Account]

You may see how many devices are currently logged in or connected under your account.


How To Remove Connected Device?

If you wish to remove a device from being connected to your Muslim Pro account, click on the [minus] icon in red at the side of the device's list.



Linking accounts on Muslim Pro 

Users can also link other alternative login methods such as Facebook, Mobile Number and Google on one account.

To link the account, you can just follow the below steps:

1. Log in with your main Muslim Pro account login information.


2. From [My Account] page, click [Link] on the method that you want to link. 


3. Once it is successfully linked you will see a tick button and the word [Linked] on the account.


3. Users can also choose to unlink any log-in methods after they have linked the account by clicking the [Linked] button again.


However, users can ONLY link email or mobile number that has never been registered in the system before. 

 If you try to link an existing email or mobile number that has been registered before, you will receive a prompt message "This credential is already associated with a different user account."

If you want to link the preferred email or phone number, Muslim Pro will have to delete the existing email or phone number in the system first so you can link it again as a fresh new account.

At the moment, users are not able to delete Muslim Pro accounts from the app. Kindly contact us at to delete Muslim Pro accounts in the system. 


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