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Android Notifications Settings for Muslim Pro app

When using the Muslim Pro app, it's important to ensure that notifications are enabled on your device to stay updated on prayer times, Quranic verses, and other essential features. In this section, we'll guide you through the notification settings for various Android versions, helping you easily access and manage notifications for the Muslim Pro app.


Go to device’s [Settings] > [Notifications] > search for [Muslim Pro] > Turn ON “allow notifications” or make sure Notifications is NOT blocked.

  • Android 4


  • Android 5


  • Android 6


  • Android 7


  • Android 8


  • Android 9


  • Android 10





*Please note that for Android 8 and above, you can customise the notifications for each prayer time from the device’s App Notifications Settings.

*The sound file name written should be PrayerSubuh.mp3 for adhan to work.

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