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What is Muslim Pro?

Greetings from Muslim Pro to our dearest users.

Muslim Pro is the most popular Muslim application and the leading Muslim lifestyle app with accurate prayer time, adhan clock, full audio Quran and Islamic Hijri calendar.

It features the full Quran with Arabic scripts, phonetics, translations and audio recitations.

The app also offers a Qibla locator, an Islamic Hijri calendar, a map of halal restaurants and Mosques, and much more.

What is Qalbox?

We recently launched our new global subscription video on demand entertainment streaming service, Qalbox, catered to the global Muslim community. It celebrates Muslim identities and cultures and strives to offer a wide-ranging library of content that put Muslims at the forefront - from documentaries to television series and films.

Qalbox is available in the Muslim Pro app and its content can be accessed on the Muslim Pro app and Web browsers. 

Muslim Pro is recognised by millions of Muslims throughout the world as the most accurate Prayer Time & Adhan application on mobile devices. Muslims will be able to enjoy lifestyle content and practical app solutions that help them practice their faith every day.

Muslim Pro app Features

Some of the features you can get are as follows:

  • Accurate Prayer time calculator based on your current location.
  • Adhan or calls for prayer with visual and audio notifications.
  • The Holy Quran (Al Qur’an) with recitations (mp3 audio), phonetics and translations
  • Halal restaurants and mosques locations around you.
  • Animated Qibla compass to show you the direction to Mecca.
  • Muslim calendar to estimate holy dates such as Eid-Ul-Fitr and Eid-Ul-Adha.
  • 99 names of Allah (Asmaul Husna).
  • The app and the Quran are fully translated to: Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Português, Türkçe, العربية, اردو, русский,简体中文, 日本語, ภาษาไทย.

Where to download Muslim Pro?

The Muslim Pro application is available for both iOS and Android.

You can also check the Muslim Pro website to get accurate prayer times if you don’t have a smartphone.

We have decided to keep the application free for everyone with an optional Premium upgrade. With a Premium subscription, you will get access to both Muslim Pro Premium features and stream video content in our new streaming video on demand platform, Qalbox. 


If you are new here, let's follow our tutorial page to get started with Muslim Pro app.

Tick the checkbox for term and conditions agreement before you can proceed for login or skip the login.


Click [Enable Location] and then select 'Allow While Using App'


Click [Enable Notifications] and then select 'Allow'

By default, Dhuhr and Asr notification is set as OFF, you can turn it on if you prefer to hear adhan for Dhuhr and Asr.


If you skip the login or login as a free user, you will see 'Premium' page (01)

If you already login and is premium user, you should see 'Today' page (02)


Should you require any assistance, kindly send us an email at and we will be glad to assist you.

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