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How to set prayer notifications or adhan?

Muslim Pro offers various types of notification for the call for prayer which you can choose individually for each of the five prayers and the sunrise.

By default, Fajr, Maghrib and Isha' adhan has been ENABLED from the tutorial page upon installation.


If you want to ENABLE or CHANGE the adhan for other prayer times, you can go to [Prayers] page.



By default, Dhuhr and Asr is set on silent. You can tap on Dhuhr time and then tap on any adhan you preferred.
You will see check mark for the adhan you selected.


If you noticed Subh (Fajr) adhan sound similar to another adhan, you can tap on Subh (Fajr) time and then tap the Adhan Fajr from the list of adhan.


You can also change the notifications from Settings page.

Go to [User] > [Settings] > [Notifications] > [Adhan]. Just click on respective prayer times you want to change.




If you prefer not to received any adhan from Muslim Pro app for the prayer times, you can choose to DISABLED the adhan notifications.


To play or hear the adhan before you select it, you can click on "play" icon.


Please note that, notification for Imsak cannot be change.


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